Kind words

The Cidery

The Bridgetown has been a great addition to the town, familiarising visitors and locals with so many fascinating articles about the services and the stories of the people behind them. The Bridgetown introduces us to all manner of interesting people in our community. who we may otherwise not come across. The layout and quality of the paper is always excellent, with great photos and well-written articles. The features that include The Cidery where I work as a brewer have been very good for business and a great momento for us. Its really great that this paper is available annually as its just so good to have around.

Mark Hollett

The Green Welly Stop

The Bridgetown has been great publicity for us. We have definitely seen an increase in people staying since the paper came out. And somebody even rang up because they’d seen The Bridgetown in NSW. It gets everywhere! The other great thing is, that it is on-going so brilliant value for money. We had previously commissioned Jeff the designer to do our brochure so were very happy to hear that he was part of the team. Emilie and Victoria both liaised with us, making sure that we were 100% happy with what they had produced before it went to press. A great product - Thank you! 

Ivan Nimmo