The Bridgetown 5 by Fantail Press is out!

It’s here!!

The latest issue of The Bridgetown 5 by Fantail Press is out. So much hard work has gone into this, yet producing it on home turf really does make it very special. We are so lucky to call this little town home. And I think that this paper represents just how wonderful it really is.


“When Vanessa Brogan brought her concept for The Bridgetown to the Bridgetown Greenbushes Tourism Association, no one could have foreseen that 6 years on this little paper would still be going strong.

Victoria, Jeff and I are so grateful to Vanessa for her generosity in allowing us to build Fantail Press out of The Bridgetown. Expanding its original purpose to include the many interesting small towns that make up the patchwork that is regional Western Australia. And while we love learning about the colourful communities around our state, there is nothing quite like telling the stories of this wonderful place that we all call home.

I wish to extend a special thank you to Davina Dean who has stepped in for me whilst I am away on maternity leave. Her style and sensitivity has been a perfect fit for Fantail Press and we are all thrilled (and much relieved!) that she has been able to take part.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this 5thissue of The Bridgetown. It never ceases to amaze me how our town is constantly shifting and changing and yet, never loses its distinctive feel and character. It’s as if the rolling hills, frosty mornings and quietly flowing river draw in those who will only enhance her landscape. And what a beautiful landscape it is.

Thank you so much to all the businesses that have participated and to everyone who takes the time to read the stories within these pages. Your support means everything.”

~ Emilie Abbiss

Fantail Press

The Bridgetown 5 by Fantail Press


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