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We are a boutique publishing company in the heart of Southwestern Australia. Our broadsheet periodicals showcase regional towns, capturing the cultural tapestries and exceptional landscapes of this little corner of the world. Our team is made up of Victoria Baker (photographer), Emilie Abbiss (writer) and Jeff Baker (design).

We work alongside our regional clients to create publications that capture the spirit and character of their towns. We come to you and work in partnership with your representatives in a process that fully integrates your vision with the final product.

We also create promotional publications for festivals and annual events. Please get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Consider This….

*Our publications are an ongoing advertisement, promoting      towns, businesses and events for as long as clients choose to  circulate papers, giving outstanding value for money.

*The papers are unique amongst promotional materials with    each participant receiving a personal photo shoot and in-depth  editorial.

*All participants receive their photos and editorial for personal    and professional use. 

*These papers are beautiful and lasting testaments to the  people and places that make up our regions. 

Some of our Promotions